Saturday, January 24, 2015

Alternative way of charging a nano drone (CX10) battery

The battery charger mini drone CX10 is so simple that could compromise the battery capacity of about 10 refills. The cause of this problem is the excess current provided by the USB port (about 500mA). The CX10 battery is 100mAh, so when injecting 500mA to load is the equivalent of a 5C rate. To ensure at least the 2000 refills of a standard Lipo battery should be charged at a 1C rate or less. In this case the maximum current that can be injected is 100mA. Using a imax b6 charger configured with a 0.1A rate I managed to inject 117mAh. The battery that was labeled with 100mAh.

Charging rate is 0.1A.
Battery is full (117 mAh) in 70 minutes
I had to disassemble the CX10 usb charger to connect the terminals of the Imax b6 charger.

The battery was labeled 100mAh